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  • Rikard Balurson

    Rik comes from the cold planet of St. Albans. His village is a tight knit community of people who can trace their families back to Nordic ancestry. His family in particular can trace their lineage back to Scandinavia on Earth- that- was. He is not …

  • Jackson Asher (Jack Ash)

    6 facts Jack doesn’t brag about: * Jack actually spent 50+ years in a cryogenic chamber in a forgotten prison ship orbiting a small moon. A solar flare disrupted the system creating a malfunction in the system, waking up Jackson, but killing the other …

  • Kiz Song

    1 - Had a torrid affair with my father's executive assistant...when I was only 14. She and I are the only two that know about it, to this day. She was the first, but holy cow she was not my last. 2 - I am ashamed that when I was young, my father was …

  • Lorenzo Zhuo

    He has vivid flashbacks of events he can’t remember. He is a shower singer. He keeps a diary full of sensitive secrets.

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