Jackson Asher (Jack Ash)

Pilot and outlaw


For the past few years Jack has been a contractual small vessel pilot for various traders (i.e. smugglers) between border worlds. He has developed a reputation for being able to evade both Reavers and Alliance ships. (And he is quick to provide examples of his most daring escapes.) His most faithful companion is a ragged mutt named Harley.


6 facts Jack doesn’t brag about:

  • Jack actually spent 50+ years in a cryogenic chamber in a forgotten prison ship orbiting a small moon. A solar flare disrupted the system creating a malfunction in the system, waking up Jackson, but killing the other prisoners. Jack was able to activate an escape pod, which was eventually picked up by a passing trading vessel.
  • Due to a malfunction in the cryogenic chamber, Jack only has vague recollection of his previous life. He knows he was a pilot, and he has an affinity for animals, and feels naked without a pistol at his side—but doesn’t know where he was born, why he was on a prison ship, or even what his real name is. He invented the name “Jackson Asher” (or “Jack Ash”) by accident when he swore at a docking port inspector, who wrote it down as his name.
  • Jack has a severe disadvantage (i.e. complication) with modern technology. He prefers traditional, manual technology—often disabling auto-navigation, carrying a pistol over more advanced weapons, etc. He tends to forgo high-tech gadgetry/medicine for “traditional” versions.
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  • Many of the hair-raising, jaw-dropping stories Jack tells about his own daring escapes from the Reavers and Alliance ships have been more than slightly exaggerated. Although he is a skilled pilot, it has found that he can demand more money if people think he is a legendary pilot.

Jackson Asher (Jack Ash)

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