Rikard Balurson

Ship's Mechanic


Tall, muscular, and very Nordic looking. He speaks with a slight Scandinavian accent tempered by the more common venacular he has picked up in his travels with the Independents.


Rik comes from the cold planet of St. Albans. His village is a tight knit community of people who can trace their families back to Nordic ancestry. His family in particular can trace their lineage back to Scandinavia on Earth- that- was.

He is not Christian or Buddhist – his family and community belongs to a small sect that worships the Norse Gods.

He was married once when he was younger, she died while they were still newlyweds when the Alliance came to St. Albans. He immediately joined the Independents in the war and put his mechanic skills to use for them during the war. He left St. Albans during the war and quickly found himself to be a second class citizen because of his religion – even among the more open-minded Browncoats.

He always seems to be broke and never has enough money ( in fact it routinely becomes a running joke among his associates). The fact is he never has enough money because he sends almost all he has back home to his widowed mother and his aged in-laws.

Rikard Balurson

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