Mercedes Wingate

Labor Advocate for the Miner’s Guild


Agi d6
Str d4
Vit d8
Ale d4
Int d10
Wil d10
Init d6+d4
LP 18
Allure, Combat Paralysis, Friends in High Places, Highly Educated, Prejudice—Alliance and Far Yukon Corporation, Straight Shooter
Athletics d6
Guns d2
Discipline d6/Morale d8
Influence d4/Barter d8/Conversation d8/Persuasion d10
Perception d6/Intuition d8


A striking, willowy woman in her late 20’s, Mercedes is a knock ‘em dead stand-out in this crowd. She ties her deep brown hair up neatly and wears glasses of the latest fashion. Her precise walk, impeccable business suit, and fine leather briefcase give her an air of professional austerity inconsistent with her engaging smile and rich voice. One minute of
conversation tells you she’s both articulate and intelligent. Her perspicacity (hey, we know
big words, too!) and magnetism are her chief assets as a labor advocate. Unfortunately,
Mercedes has more smarts than sense. She’s consumed by her compulsion to rebel against
her conservative father. She really does love him and she’s secretly saddened by their
split, but she buries those feelings.

Mercedes Wingate

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