Colonel Jedak Rejovic

Sadistic Alliance Official


Agi d6
Str d10
Vit d8
Ale d6
Int d10
Wil d10;
Init d6+d6
LP 20
Greedy, Intimidatin’ Manner, Leadership, Mean Left Hook, Military Rank, Sadistic, Stingy, Tough as Nails
Athletics d6/Dodge d8
Covert d6/Stealth d8
Discipline d6/Interrogation d8/Intimidation d8
Guns d6/Pistol d10/ Rifle d10
Influence d6/Administration d8/Bureaucracy d8/Interrogation d8/Intimidation d8
Perception d6
Assault Rifle (d8 W), Pistol (d6 W)


This man looks formidable. His craggy facial features seem chiseled from stone. When his mouth smiles, his gray eyes do not. His broad frame, powerful limbs, and thick neck could belong to a man much bigger than his six-foot-one-inch height. Not a speck of dust mars his perfectly creased uniform.

Colonel Jedak Rejovic

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